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The contribution order defaults to alphabetical by first name, so you can easily find a contribution without always referring to the contents page. We can also do chronological, rewarding those who didn’t need as many reminders ;). In the future we’re hoping to offer more customizable sequence options.

Our contribution form autosaves, so you shouldn’t lose any data if you navigate away in the middle of editing. If you’d like the ability to edit even after you submit, enter your email address at the bottom of the contribution form in the Send me a Copy field. You can edit your contribution as many times […]

Due to their collaborative nature we think that Fondfolios are a great gift to give as a group. We are planning to implement a cost-splitting feature which would allow you to share the cost among all the contributors, but in the interim we show you the price per contributor on the Order page.

French Paper’s recycled speckletone, with delightful flecks and shives, is made from 100% Hydroelectric power. We think French’s is a great company, but being in Toronto we’d prefer to use a Canadian supplier. Thing is, we haven’t yet found someone who is producing a product like this and is able to ship smaller quantities.

For most occasions, the best situation to give a Fondfolio will be at a party or gathering, where everyone can share in the moment of joy (and sneak a peek at what others contributed). We also have tips for particular occasions where a unique opportunity or a special sensitivity could be taken when presenting the gift.

The primary inspiration came from our good friend Christina Del Degan who, back in 2014, wanted to do something special for her SO’s 30th. She reached out to us with the initial idea to send out a few questions to all the important people in his life and do something with the results and, working together, we helped her to create what eventually became a book. The whole process from start to finish was such a joy, receiving and reading the contributions every day, seeing it all come together and witnessing everyone’s warm reaction to it when it was revealed at the party. Not to mention our own personal joy that we and others felt from expressing those words to our dear friend. That experience stuck with us, and we realized quite soon after that we wanted to turn this into something that anyone could create for anyone else.

At Fondfolio we understand that we don’t have enough opportunities to express real gratitude towards the important people in our lives and that the best way to do this is simply and with your own words. That’s why we created Fondfolio – it’s a vessel for the love and affection of  many people directed towards a someone special.

Everyone who contributes will also get a boost of good feels just for having contributed. Like when you give a stranger a compliment, but ten-fold.

Each hardcover Fondfolio costs $240 (USD), this includes a personalized website version of the content which you can share with everyone who contributed. If you just want the website version, the cost is $80. We also offer the possibility to create something completely custom! The cost includes free gift wrapping, tax and shipping (within North […]

If you are in the US or Canada and it’s been over 10 business days since you placed your order, or if you are overseas and it’s been over 20 business days since you placed your order, please let us know by emailing us with your name and order number. Thanks for your patience! A note for international customers: Occasionally overseas shipments will take a longer time due to the delivery country’s customs. Each customs office is different and Fondfolio is not responsible for any fees or tariffs.

If you email us about this as soon as you place your order we will see what we can do. If your order has already shipped it cannot be expedited.