Inspired by our good friends and family — that lovely lot who make life great — we created Fondfolio because we believe there should be more opportunities to tell those people who brighten our days exactly why we think they’re great, and get really specific about that “why”. Fondfolio allows you to tease-out and collect […]

Fondfolios were originally made using traditional handmade hardcovers of bookcloth and paper. Now use a wooden cover design because this material made more sense to us, conceptually — it’s warm, naturally patterned (meaning each one is unique), and it offers more opportunities for customization, we also just think it looks better! Check us out on […]

Each hardcover Fondfolio costs $240 (USD), this includes a personalized website version of the content which you can share with everyone who contributed. If you just want the website version, the cost is $80. We also offer the possibility to create something completely custom! The cost includes free gift wrapping, tax and shipping (within North […]

Not at the moment, but it’s a feature we’re considering for the future. Our typography has evolved over several iterations, so what you see in photos may not represent the current stack. At the moment we’re using Aperçu for the questions and Suisse Works book and bold weights for the answers and names, respectively. We’re always open […]

Each Fondfolio is made to order by hand. This ensures each one is given the highest level of attention, plus we just like making things with our hands. Once we receive your order we’ll begin laying out the pages with InDesign and transferring each contribution to it’s own spread. The content is printed on French’s […]

We’ve gone to great lengths to craft and test each question in order to get the best responses, including the hints for each question. The combination of questions for each Fondfolio is a careful mix of seriousness and levity that we’ve found to work well. It’s likely that this aspect of the product will evolve over time […]

It’s our belief that words are more timeless, and ultimately more meaningful than a thousand pictures. Besides there are so many great ways to share images with your friends and family these days. Sincere and thoughtful words however, are a much rarer asset to cultivate. Think about the last time you received some meaningful words. […]