As we’re just a small team of 2, the best way to reach out is via email: [email protected] You can also leave us a message on our Chat (click the icon in the bottom right of your screen). Depending on the time (we’re in Toronto, Canada) or how busy we are, we might not be able […]

Inspired by our good friends and family — that lovely lot who make life great — we created Fondfolio because we believe there should be more opportunities to tell those people who brighten our days exactly why we think they’re great, and get really specific about that “why”. Fondfolio allows you to tease-out and collect […]

We’ve set a minimum of 12 contributions, just so each book has a healthy thickness 🙂 and there’s no maximum — our unique design allows for an infinite number. Most Fondfolios tend to receive ~ 20 – 40 contributions, on average. The most we’ve ever seen collected was 149, but we like to focus on […]

Our contribution form autosaves, so you shouldn’t lose any data if you navigate away in the middle of editing. If you’d like the ability to edit even after you submit, enter your email address at the bottom of the contribution form in the Send me a Copy field. You can edit your contribution as many times […]

It’s our belief that words are more timeless, and ultimately more meaningful than a thousand pictures. Besides there are so many great ways to share images with your friends and family these days. Sincere and thoughtful words however, are a much rarer asset to cultivate. Think about the last time you received some meaningful words. […]

Gift cards, flowers, perfume, chocolates (heck even a good pair of socks) are all fine gifts! But it is our belief that when it’s a special time for someone you care a lot about extra thought should be put into what you give, and that if you really want to show this person how much they mean to you, a truly meaningful gift from you (and everyone they care about) expressing these feelings in sincere, heartfelt words is the best way to do so.