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Fondfolio allows you to create a beautiful collaborative book filled with sincere and heartwarming words from loved ones. A personal gift, for someone special.

How it works


Enter some basic information about yourself and the recipient, then select the type of event—this will determine the content of the questionnaire.


Share your unique questionnaire url with the friends and family of the recipient. You will be notified each time someone contributes.


When you’re ready, customize the design and place the order. We’ll begin production right away and will notify you as soon as it ships (gift wrapping included).

For life’s significant events

Times when giftcards, chocolates or flowers can’t communicate the depth of your gratitude for another’s existence

Milestone Birthday

A lasting record of an individual life through thoughtful anecdotes and memories of their friends and family. Gift a reminder of good times had and those still to come.


For all their hard work, good spirits, and loyalty, a Fondfolio from their co-workers will remind them just how much their presence will be missed.


What better gift to give a couple on their wedding day than the memories and wisdom from everyone near and dear, including those unable to attend.

Illness & Recovery

When a loved one is struck with illness or simply needs their spirits lifted, this gift will show them in a very tangible way, how much they are cared for.

In Memory



New Arrival


Moving Away

Just 'Cause

Create a Fondfolio

Words of gratitude

He loved it! I could tell it meant so much to him, so I really appreciate all of your help! I had a couple of people tell me what a fun, unique idea it was and ask me more about the process, so hopefully you will have more Air Force retirement business!

— Shania, Anchorage AK

I rarely see her with tears in her eyes and this gift brought out the happy kind.

— Salil, Toronto ON

My mom LOVED her Fondfolio. It was truly amazing. Your customer service, the packaging, and the idea in general! Thanks for making the moment special.

— Dalia, Houston TX

I wanted to let you know that Cathy LOVED the Fondfolio book and will treasure it always. You did a beautiful job (loved the scarf—nice touch!) and I really appreciate you getting it to me on time.

— Jennifer, Vancouver BC

Chris LOVED it and so many of our friends really enjoyed contributing to it. The wood on the book is fantastic as well.

— Quyen, San Francisco CA

Phil LOVED his Fondfolio! He laughed and cried the whole way through it. His mom is here this weekend, and she is reading it for the first time... such priceless memories. Thank you so much!

— Adele, Salem WI

Fondfolio has impressed my entire family and I with their deep commitment to user experience, visual design, and incredible customer service. Their collaborative “in this together” mindset has been a blessing in creating this wonderful gift. I cannot recommend their services enough!

— Gabriella, Oakdale CA

Lise absolutely loves the gift. She has been flipping through it every day this week, and was brought to tears several times. Thank you for making this possible. Also, from my own end: this book is gorgeous! So nicely made and beautifully constructed. All the small touches were delightful. Thank you, and kudos!

— Sameer, London ON

OMG my mom was absolutely blown away by the book!!! She was in tears over it — so incredibly touched. She said there’s no gift that could ever match this and that she will truly treasure it forever.

— Shannon, Toronto ON

Thanks so much for creating such an amazing gift for Jo. She loved it. Everyone that contributed thought it was such a great idea. Keep up the good work!

— Eric, Anchorage AK

I was so incredibly happy with how the book came out, and Devin was so surprised—shocked even—that so many of his friends and family contributed to this for him. We really cannot thank you enough for a seriously one-of-a-kind gift.

— Taylor, Baltimore MD

They loved it! They both cried tears of joy at the great memories that were shared with them. Thanks for making a great and beautiful gift for two of my favorite people. The Fondfolio site and process itself was seamless. I’ll be sure to tell my friends and family about your great service.

— Meghan, New York NY

Having contributed to a friends Fondfolio in the past, we were thrilled to receive our own at our “post-elopement” party. The night was an emotional blur and went by way too fast. But the Fondfolio lets us relive those memories over again, and was truly the best gift.

— Amy & Scott, Toronto ON

Huge thank you for the birthday gift you made up and sent over for this young fella’s special day. It’s not often you’ll see me getting emotional but your book did – what an excellent idea! I was really touched so many people took the time & effort to have an input.

— Allan, Perth WA

Probably the best gift I’ve ever had! It makes me laugh and cry – I feel so loved every time I read it.

— Vicky, Toronto ON

I was given a Fondfolio as a 30th birthday gift from friends. The feelings I have reading this outpouring from those I love most will always be cherished.

— Ryan, Toronto ON

These are the types of gifts we need to give more: you are doing something with deep purpose and impact: thank you.

— Kyle, Lindsay ON

My partner’s birthday present was not only a gift for him, but for everyone involved... In a world driven by immediate consumption and fast pace you’ve managed to stop time and connect people in a meaningful way that we can cherish as a keepsake forever. Your team did a great job of making the experience easy, painless, and enjoyable.

— Rylee, Round Rock TX

Fondfolios are customized for your friend, made to order, and produced by hand using a combination of modern technologies and traditional book binding techniques.

Coptic binding is used for maximum flexibility and durability — allowing the book to lay flat. No glue, just high quality paper and thread — made to last a lifetime.

Each contribution is printed on creamy 100% recycled speckletone paper from The French Paper company. We carefully proof each contribution and typeset each spread to ensure the best reading experience.

See a sample contribution

Sewn with durable waxed Irish linen thread, the exposed spine allows for an infinite number of contributions, and serves as a visual reminder of the real human connections expressed within.

Collect as many contributions as you can — the more the merrier, at no extra cost.

Our wooden covers are sanded smooth and comprised of a fiberboard core with real wood laminate. Choose between Cedar, Maple or Walnut — all with a semi-matte finish.

The front cover is engraved with a unique pattern inspired by the contents of the contributions. Warm and naturally patterned, no two are ever alike, and they’re all beautiful.

Our materials

The inside back cover of each Fondfolio is engraved with befitting words from a socially conscious visionary — we’ll select from one of our favourites.

Our process

We giftwrap each book in a locally sourced vintage scarf using the Japanese “Furoshiki” technique — another unique touch that also helps reduce our impact on the environment.

After the order is complete you’ll immediately receive a digital version of the Fondfolio which can be shared with everyone who contributed — great for those who can’t be there to celebrate in person.

Digital Only


Your Fondfolio contributions stored online forever in a personalized Fondfolio website—share the lovely words with everyone who contributed. Sort responses by question type or read individual responses.

Digital + Hardcover


Everything you get with digital, plus a beautiful handmade hardcover version—each response occupying a spread. Free Furoshiki giftwrapping, free shipping. Something tangible to treasure.

Digital + Custom


Solid hardwood cover? Custom engraving inside? Handmade book box? The only limits are that of your imagination, let us know what you’re thinking.

Don’t pay anything until all contributions have been collected and you are ready to order. All prices in US Dollars (USD). Free Shipping is within North America. International shipping is available at a discounted rate.