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Each set of questions will differ slightly based on the event that you select, but here are a few of our favourites (the italicized text will be replaced with the name of your loved one): Explain how you came to meet John? Describe a quality or virtue of John’s that you admire? If you were […]

Unfortunately at this time you cannot customize the questions. This is something we’re thinking about for the future, but at the moment we think these specific questions that we’ve tested are the best way to ensure the quality of the responses. If there are questions in one of the other event categories that you’d prefer […]

Yes, you can edit all the contributions at any time before the order is placed. We always do a read-through and spell/grammar check ourselves, but if you catch errors, you’re welcome to fix them yourself.

Each contribution occupies 2 spreads, beginning with the contributor’s name. Their responses to the 5 questions follow, and continue across 2-3 pages. There’s a limit of 1800 characters to ensure consistency — being forced to edit will prevent unnecessary rambling which can make for a tiring read.

As we’re just a small team of 2, the best way to reach out is via email: [email protected] You can also leave us a message on our Chat (click the icon in the bottom right of your screen). Depending on the time (we’re in Toronto, Canada) or how busy we are, we might not be able […]

Inspired by our good friends and family — that lovely lot who make life great — we created Fondfolio because we believe there should be more opportunities to tell those people who brighten our days exactly why we think they’re great, and get really specific about that “why”. Fondfolio allows you to tease-out and collect […]

Fondfolios were originally made using traditional handmade hardcovers of bookcloth and paper. Now use a wooden cover design because this material made more sense to us, conceptually — it’s warm, naturally patterned (meaning each one is unique), and it offers more opportunities for customization, we also just think it looks better! Check us out on […]

The contribution order defaults to chronological, rewarding those who didn’t need as many reminders ;). We can also order alphabetically by first name if you’d prefer, let us know as it’s not yet an option on our website. In the future we’re hoping to offer more flexible sorting options.